Zipcord Group is looking for a dedicated and proactive automation engineer, with strong project and programming experience.

Active Industries:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Rail Industry

Job function

  • Design of Automated control systems
  • Programming of PLC and Robotics
  • Project executions and team management

The successful candidate will need the knowledge and skills to design, develop and manage systems. The successful candidate will design, program, test and simulate automated machines and processes to do a specific task.

Specific duties are

1. Design, program, simulate and test automated machinery or processes that are intended to complete a specific task

2. Responsible for detailed design specifications and other documents in their creation

3. Design, engineer, test and troubleshoot control systems

4. Interface with management, other engineers and teams

5. Detailed documentation including design specifications that enable production or the application of their products

6. Help to streamline operations for efficiency, cost saving, safety and reliability

7. Maintain technical project files

8. Implementing and testing design concepts

9. Publishing reports documenting the design details of new projects and qualification test results

Minimum Requirements are

1. 3 years experience within automation project environment

2. Mechatronics Degree or equivalent

3. Good Software development skills Specifically on Omron Equipment

How To Apply

Please use the “Apply” button on your screen or click here. / 012 653 8100